Amal Fellowship is a 3 month journey that prepare you with those skills that are required in Professional career but most people are not aware of these skills or they don't know where to use these skills. They guide you to prepare Super Resume, Super Cover letter and Professional linked…

I would like to start this reflection with my story before joining Amal Academy.

I graduated in Computer Systems Engineering and during 2020 I went to Karachi for job hunting. With positive energy, I went to different organizations to drop my cv but seems like the COVID situation had a…

First of all I would like to explain what is Pomodoro Technique:

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. -source: Wikipedia

Developing a Growth Mindset

The 5 tips known as Amal totkay are

  1. Self Talk: This tip helps in improving yourself as you can handle your own criticism and work around it
  2. Get Out of Your Comfort zone: This tip can convince you to face the difficulty and it lets you go for hard way…

Why should we choose Education as our Project?

Quality Education has been declared as the 4th Sustainable development goal(SDG) by UNDP.

Quality Education is the biggest crisis that is faced by not only Pakistan but other Countries as well. According to Latest Survey, Literacy rate in Pakistan is just 58%…

My Goal is to:

In the next 6 month, I will take regular classes of each topic on UrduITAcademy and other Platforms of CCNA(Cisco Certified Network Associate) and by the end of 6 months I will be prepared for CCNA exam and will achieve 90% marks in exam.

And for…

Today when I was doing my Project work on my Work Table. I saw that there were some things that were not required on the work table, as they were giving messy look to my work table

My work table before fixing

The things that were not required while I was doing my Project work…

Yesterday when I was walking round my house. I saw a stray cat and from the look of its condition, he seemed too hungry. When I just got near him, he started meowing.

That’s when I run inside my house and took a bowl and poured some milk inside it and came back to him(cat). He started drinking the milk and also other cats came in and started drinking.

As the milk wasn’t enough for 3 cats, so I bought another bowl of milk and all of the cats started drinking it.

At the end that feeling was awesome when all cats started purring and bumping their head into me.

All of this motivated me to do this act everyday and it made me really happy and satisfied. and Insha Allah I will try to do this everyday

Inamullah Qazi

Graduate in Computer Systems Engineer

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